Discovering Your Child’s Hidden Talents

Talented and gifted children often display common traits. Gifted children are often curious, have long attention spans and have good memories. They will also develop language skills early and display an interest in the world around them. But what about discovering their particular talent? What can you do to help identify the hidden talents in your child so you can help nurture them?

Observe the Activities Your Child Enjoys

Does your child like to twirl around the room? They could be dancers. Do they like to run or wrestle? They could be good at sports. Pay attention to the activities your child does on their own. It could be playing with blocks, putting together puzzles or painting and drawing. Often, children will tell us what they are good at, if we watch and listen enough.

Provide a Diverse Array of Opportunities

Talents come in many forms. They can be artistic, athletic, musical, scholastic and more. Provide opportunities for your child to explore each. Keep in mind they may have musical talent but may have difficulty selecting the right instrument. They may be athletic but not be drawn to golf. Let them explore all categories in search of something that clicks. Be cautious not to imprint your own goals onto them.

Expose Them to the Talents of Others

Many times, young people will be inspired by experiencing the talents of others. This could be a sporting event, concert or theater performance. Children have been inspired by watching the Olympics on TV, going to an automobile race or attending a marathon. The more activities your child can see, the more choices they are exposed to.

If you have a family member with talents in art or music, let them share it with your child. Some talents appear to be hereditary.

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