Six Ways to Better Protect Your Business in the New Year

You may have already made some personal resolutions involving your health, weight or finances for the New Year, but what about your business? Resolutions may be a good way to help make sure you take care of some critical issues your company may face in 2020.  Here are six ways to better protect your business in the New Year.

  1. Improve digital security. Almost half of all data breaches occur to small businesses. Hackers know that small businesses are often a softer target because they may not have the IT resources of larger companies. Even modest upgrades to your firewall and network and moving to cloud storage for important data can make a significant difference.
  2. Improve physical on-site security. Security systems, even those that include cameras, are more affordable than ever. You can start with a simple alarm system to scare away intruders or move toward a monitored security system with digital video storage. This can be very beneficial in businesses with an extensive inventory, electronics, and equipment.
  3. Upgrade the quality of employees. No, we are not suggesting eliminating employees to find better ones. If an employee leaves, however, make a commitment to improving the knowledge and skills in that position. That will help protect your market share and your investment.
  4. Look for efficiencies. Whether it is energy-efficient light bulbs or a more effective way to move or deliver products, be aware of your increasing options. There has been an array of disruptive technologies introduced that may be able to benefit your business if you look close enough.
  5. Monitor social media and online reviews.Ignoring negative online comments doesn’t make them go away. Invite negative reviewers to contact you personally and offline. This takes the conversation away from public view. It allows you to protect your business reputation one on one.
  6. Get a Business Insurance Review. Even though you can’t prevent negative events from impacting your business you can take steps to limit the financial harm they can cause. Contact our independent insurance agents for a complete business insurance review to help determine any gaps you may have. Our review is free and there’s no obligation.

Getting a comprehensive business insurance review may be the most impactful way to protect your business in the coming year. It can start with just a phone call or email contact with one of our independent insurance agents. Our loss prevention experts can help point you in the right direction to a business plan with more peace of mind. We look forward to assisting you.

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