Reasons to Care For Your Health

What’s your guilty pleasure? We all have at least one, if not more. Like eating ice cream for breakfast or releasing anxiety with a cigarette. We all choose to indulge in the things we should only use in moderation sometimes. That’s a part of life. While most things are good in moderation, those same things can cause major health issues when used excessively.

We only get one life. And it’s short. Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves of what’s more valuable–our lives, or a short-lived craving.

I can only imagine how it’ll feel to be near-death. The feeling of wanting a longer life will be inevitable. Right now, in this moment, we can begin to appreciate our health and our lives enough to make health-conscious sacrifices towards a better self.

Here are a few reasons to remember to take care of our bodies with the hopes of increasing the length and quality of our lives.

● The most obvious reason, is, of course, our families. Family gives us a greater sense of purpose. Family holds us to a higher standard for one reason–they care. They want what’s best for us, and would never want to watch us suffer. Our families help us grow and make us want to be better.

● The strong bonds and friendships we have that bring laughter and joy to our lives. The longer the friendship lasts, the better.

● It feels good to feel good. Right? Being in good health means physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

● The incomprehensible beauty of nature. It’s amazing how looking at nature can actually change our mood. A healthy lifestyle gives us the ability to travel and see the world into our older ages.

● Not to mention, the healthier you are, the cheaper your health insurance rates will be.

● Being alive to meet our grandchildren, and our grandchildren’s children.

● Trying new things, experiencing cultures that are entirely different from our own.

● Having a long marriage, the kind of marriage people ask what the secret is to having.

● Growing into the person you always dreamed you could be through years of wisdom.

By: KayLynn P.

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