Unique Situations That Call For a Life Insurance Quote from an Independent Agent

We have stressed repeatedly how a quote from an independent insurance agent can benefit you. Because our independent agents have access to a large network of companies, you can get more choices, perhaps better coverage, or a lower price. When it comes to life insurance, these benefits can be amplified, especially for those in unique situations. Here are circumstances when getting a quote from our independent life insurance agents can be particularly valuable.

Unique or High Risk Jobs

Those employed in high-risk industries can benefit from access to companies that specialize in this type of life insurance. High risk jobs include those in the lumber industry, roofing, construction, as pilots, and more. If you have found it expensive or difficult to even find life insurance coverage in one of these professions, connect with one of our independent life insurance agents.

Unique Hobbies and Activities

Odds are, if you skydive, mountain climb, or race cars for fun, you may get some pushback from a life insurance company. Our agents can search a variety of companies, some of which are willing to insure those with high risk hobbies. Give us a call.

Unique or challenging Health Issues

One of the main factors that impact your ability to secure life insurance is your health. But even those with diabetes, high blood pressure, or even cancer can still get insurance. Now, in some cases, a physical or medical exam may be required, but it may be able to be done. Contact an agent to get started.

Unique and High Wealth Financial Situations

High-net-worth individuals and those with key positions at multimillion-dollar companies may require ultra-high-value life insurance coverage. One of our independent insurance agents can search to find high-limit policies.

If you are in a unique situation and your job, hobby, lifestyle, or finances are making it challenging to find affordable life insurance, we may be able to help. Contact us to discuss your unique situation today.

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