Business Insurance for Start-ups

If you are considering starting, or have just started your own business, it may be tempting to postpone getting business insurance until your enterprise gets “on its feet”. There are, after all, far more elements to starting a successful business than most people realize. They key of course, is planning for a “successful” business.

Why should business insurance be a part of that plan from the outset? Here are some thoughts to consider.

Business Insurance Helps You Maintain More Control

There are many aspects of a business that may be out of your control. New competitors, the economic environment, material costs and others, for example. You don’t however, want to have your business threatened by something you could be protected from, like a fire, theft, liability claim or acts of an employee. Business insurance allows you the ability to be proactive in minimizing your daily risks while conducting business.

It Then Becomes a Fundamental Part of Your Business and Business Plan

When you acquire business insurance from the outset, it becomes a part of the fundamental way you conduct business. Even if your coverage is modest or even minimal at the start, you have a base of protection on which to build. As your company grows, your business insurance program can strengthen along with it.

You May Not Be Able to Afford the Loss of Your Investment

Whether it is a significant financial investment or a investment of time, you have likely put a lot into your business. To have that investment taken away by a slip and fall, natural disaster or even vandalism or theft may be more than you can afford. You may not have the resources to begin again. Make this shot count and protect it with business insurance.

Get the Guidance You Deserve

When starting a business it is prudent to get professional help when needed. This may include legal assistance and accounting and it should include talking to an experienced business insurance agent. Our independent insurance agents will discuss your specific business and the risks you may be exposed to. They can build a custom plan to not only your business, but your budget as well.

Start your business on a solid foundation. Begin with a business insurance plan. We look forward to assisting you.

Be Confidently Insured.

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