What You May Not Know About Electric Vehicles

For some, electric cars have become a way in which to reduce our carbon footprint and save energy. For others, it may just be a way to drive more economically. If an electric car is on your radar, here are some things about the vehicles that may surprise you.

Electric Vehicles Have Been Around for a LONG Time

Actually, electric vehicles precede those of combustion engines, dating back to 1832. They became more popular in the 1870s, but cheap oil prices made combustion engines more attractive in the early 1900s.

Electric Vehicles are Heavy

This is mainly due to battery weight. Batteries can account for 1,200 lbs of more of the total vehicle weight of an electric car.

Electric Cars Can Be Extremely Fast

Today’s electric cars are exceedingly quick and fast. Top speeds of modern electric cars can reach 160 mph and more. What may be more impressive is that they are now able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in less than two seconds!

They Can Be So Quiet, Some are Being Produced with Sound Effects

Electric cars are so quiet that some models are being produced with engine-like sound effects, so pedestrians can hear them at slow speeds.

They Can Go Farther on a Single Charge Than You May Realize

One of the big drawbacks of electric cars has been their inability to go longer distances on a single charge. That range is now routinely exceeding 400 miles which is farther than most combustion vehicles can reach on a tank of gas.

Charging Can Now Be Relatively Quick

New electric cars can be quick-charged to 80% or more in less than an hour, a time that continues to drop.

Similar Insurance Rules Apply

Whether you have a gas powered car or an electric vehicle, your auto insurance rates will likely be based on the same criteria. Your age and gender will impact rates as will your driving record. The vehicle’s value and horsepower will make a difference. Where your car is stored every night will affect rates as well as how frequently and how much it is driven.

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