5 Times Your Homeowners Insurance Needs an Upgrade

Your homeowners insurance policy should be reviewed annually, but there are also specific times when you may need to upgrade your coverage. Here are five times when you should consider doing so:

  • When you add an outbuilding. An outbuilding, such as a shed or garage, can increase the value of your property and may require additional insurance coverage.
  • When you build an addition. Adding square footage to your home can also increase its value and may require a higher level of insurance coverage.
  • When you make a significant remodel. A major remodel, such as replacing the roof or windows, can also increase the value of your home and may require additional insurance coverage.
  • When you add recreational equipment. Items such as swimming pools and trampolines can increase the liability risks of your homeowners insurance policy and may require additional coverage.
  • When you add safety and security equipment. Installing security cameras or alarms can reduce your risk of theft and may qualify you for a discount on your homeowners insurance premium.

If you have made any of the changes listed above, or it has been more than a year since you reviewed your homeowners insurance policy, it is a good idea to contact your insurance agent to discuss your coverage needs. They can help you determine if you need to upgrade your policy and recommend the best coverage for your home and family.

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